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Wild Oleander Hooded Scarf, pastel acrylic

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Hand crochet hood scarf, made with the Wild oleander hooded scarf pattern from Wickedly Handmade.

Wear this hood up or hood down. You decide. Wearing one of these is like wearing a hug, they are so comforting and warm.

Each one is one of a kind. This one has been made with a medley of acrylic yarns. Acrylic means it’s a bit easier to care for, not made from animals (great for those allergic!) and a bit cooler than the other wool or merino options. As well as having a smaller price tag. I have used a varigated gradient yarn, in cute pastel tones, teamed with a sparkly raspberry, lovely lavender and bright white.

Care instrustions – hand wash in warm/cool water and a gentle detergent. A spin in the machine won’t hurt! Dry flat for best results but honestly you can just fling the acrylic ones onto the line. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY, Acrylic is basically plastic and I know it will melt (I say this with experience)

These are all OSFM and the measurements for each are slightly different this one is 40CMs wide and 93CMs long, minus the fringe. And stretchy!

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