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Advent Calendars

Ahhhh I do so love yarn advents! Or a mystery surprise yarn.

I’ve done a few advents this year, Autumn advent, Nebula and Beltane. I’m working on my big Christmas Rainbow themed one at the moment

Each advent so far has come with a project bag, chocolates, stitch markers, ball slip and usually a random hand made thing from me! And the yarn of course!

Autumn was a range obviously inspired by autumn! It was my first ever and I only had a couple of orders for it. Which was good for me, it was basically practice. I didn’t even keep a set for myself, silly.

Nebula was such a great one, I used real photos of nebulas to create very unique colourways. I even made some earrings from polymer clay for that one. And I got so many orders! I guess I needed that practice show one before everyone would trust me.

Beltane is my latest one. Inspired by spring flowers and Beltane. I hope I done it justice, I used traditional parts of the festival to inspire some colourways (hand tieing, bonfires, greenman, mayflower pole) and added a bunch of spring flowers (blossoms, daffodils, bluebells) and called it done.  I made a hand poured soy candle for an at home bonfire. A red cotton bracelet to gather all of the stitch markers on and to represent hand tie-ing and chocolates, a ball slip and stitch markers.


Next will be my rainbow fade. I’m still working on it and that will have 15 mini skeins and 24 mini parcels. With one big one for Christmas day. Everyone had the option of a project bag, a 100G skein or both. So I had better get of the computer and do a bit more on that…….

I will happily take suggestions for future advents! I have so many ideas but I do like to hear what you think!


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Custom Unicorn

Custom Unicorn

Wondering about how the custom unicorn process works? Here’s where we’ll talk about that!

Each unicorn doll I make is one of a kind, which means each one is a unique piece of art….

Sometimes you might find the perfect unicorn but you don’t like her eyes, outfit or certain colour. I’m here to say that’s not a problem, I can sort it all out for you.

The process is easy, add a custom unicorn listing to your cart and purchase it. I will then email you, or you can email me or send me a message on one of my social media channels.
We’ll discuss what colours your wanting, any themes you’d like, eye colour and body colour. And of course the outfit!
I will also send you photos through the process, to check that I’m creating the best unicorn for you.

Custom unicorns can take up to 3 weeks to complete, especially of I have to order something in (Blenheim is seriously lacking craft supply stores) or if your design is complicated.

When your delightful unicorn is all made and ready I will do some final photos (these are usually the ones I will share on social media) and check that you’re happy with it. It will then be couriered to you.

Hello world!

Oh look, another intro post.... I'm Roxanne if you thought perhaps I might have named my website after someone else, haha. I live in a little town in New Zealand, Blenheim (well I'm not right now but will be in actual blenheim soon...) I live with my big man partner...